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Quantum Gravity Theory

 Zbigniew A. Nowacki

 Lodz, Poland, May 2015

My photoAt this site, you should see the foundations of quantum gravity theory which has been intensively sought for many years by an array of the best theoretical physicists, and even by some mathematicians. However, you will not be able to see it. Why? Let us recall some facts at first.

As British scientists, Hawking and Penrose, proved in 1970, general theory of relativity (which was founded exactly 100 years ago) contains insoluble contradictions leading to so-called singularities in cosmological models. Already this result should in principle suffice to leave Einstein's theory out of the picture, but this warning has rolled off most physicists like water off a duck's back. They have found that nothing happened; apparently these singularities have to exist, and are, e.g., space-time tunnels leading to other universes. However, in reality, nature cannot be self-contradictory. Let us note in passing that this result also disqualifies general relativity as a mathematical theory.


Because of the sick ambitions of some prominent physicists who cannot admit to having made a mistake, my basic work has still not been published. This is an unprecedented (for, e.g., Einstein could publish freely despite the criticism having some justification by Lorentz and Poincare) case in the history of Western science, allegedly so rationally organized and fulfilling the criteria to play fair, and in my country presented as a model. When as a high school student I was dreaming about the career of a great scholar, it never crossed my mind that such things could happen and that I would encounter a psychopath governing an entire branch of science. 

As a result of hasty assumptions made by Einstein and other errors, at present physics has reached an impasse. I wanted to support physicists, and I extended a helping hand to them, but they, being controlled by the paranoid 'hereditary' Godfather (whose commands they follow without murmuring), have rejected my aid. 

In this situation, I would like to state (perhaps for people of future generations) that there is a Lorentz-invariant and full quantum gravity theory (although they will be able to have great difficulties with its formulating). It contains a new, based on the principle of uncertainty (yes, universal gravitation arises just from it!) paradigm of the most important interaction, does not lead to any contradictions, and in addition provides simple solutions to a number of extremely difficult problems, for example, that of dark matter or all the twists and turns of black holes.

However, I wish to clearly emphasize that I have not written and do not intend to save this theory in any medium because for me the signal encapsulation principle is completely sufficient. (As it is on the Internet, they cannot already take the principle away from me.) And really I do not know why still invent some theories here...      

Strikingly simple solution

Lodz, Poland, August 2020

Nevertheless, I have decided to publish my theory of gravity, obviously only on this website. I just felt sorry for physicists who, without it, could seek dark matter for 300 years, wasting time and money. The editorial activities will take several more months, but I am already able to give an abstract of the paper:

The work presents AGA, i.e., an Alternative - compared to general relativity - Gravity Approach. The obtained theory is quantum-mechanical, consistent with Lorentz transformations, and it satisfies Mach's principle. As the main result we offer a strikingly simple solution to the problem of dark matter. It is at odds with general relativity, but is in line with the approximate version of AGA, i.e., Newtonian gravity. The problem of dark energy has been clarified as well. We show that the experiments that confirm Einstein's theory do the same for AGA. In particular, our approach predicts gravitational time dilation, but does it via quantum probabilities instead of proper time and other concepts straight from classical physics. Black holes without singularities have been introduced. The long-sought origin of inertia is revealed. All this is possible thanks to the powerful engine of AGA, which is termed info mechanics and is a new branch of quantum mechanics. We show that using it instead of perturbation theory you will be able to build a logically consistent quantum field theory that not only contains gravity, but in which gravity is a model for other fields. A new understanding of the nature of weak interactions is proposed. The existence of new particles (e.g., the seventh quark instead of, no longer needed, the Higgs boson) is predicted. The mystery of the positron excess in cosmic rays has been unraveled. For climatologists, we put forward the scientific cause of global warming. Finally, we demonstrate that the method of info-bearing particles is also able to rationally explain quantum phenomena unrelated to interactions, such as quantum entanglement.

New theory of gravitation

Lodz, Poland, December 2020

Quantum gravity theory, based on info-mechanics, is now available.