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Alternative Gravity Approach

  Zbigniew Andrzej Nowacki

 Lodz, Poland, December 2020


Here you will find access to the full version of the work Alternative Gravity Approach... that contains my theory briefly called AGA (from the first letters of its name). Below I would like to discuss the most important results for people who do not like to read scientific papers.

 They gave their left arm

Once upon a time, physicists had two hands each, just like other people, until one of them, very eminent, began to ponder this fact. "If these hands were of different lengths," he thought, "I could still somehow understand it, for I would do this with one hand and that with the other. But identical? I guess this is some unnecessary gift from Nature." He finally came to the conclusion that he should have cut off his left hand, and the other physicists, who admired him, did the same, and they were very proud of it. From then on, they did not have to wonder what to do with which hand, and instead of 'right hand' they just said 'hand'.

Of course, difficulties quickly appeared. The flagship theory of the well-known scholar soon after its creation began to give false results. Physicists wasted a lot of time and money trying to find a prosthesis to save the theory, but it never occurred to them that their troubles may have been caused by the lack of left hand. Finally, after a hundred years, a doctor (of computer science) took pity on them and elegantly sewed them these missing parts.

The story described above really happened. You only need to apply the following substitutions:

hand mass

right inertial

left gravitational

My work shows that all three of these concepts already introduced by Newton are needed. There is no gift from Nature here because the two masses do not have to be equal. And this fact results in a strikingly simple solution to the problem of dark matter that has troubled physicists for almost a hundred years.

 Prose of gravitation

When the hero of Molière's comedy learned that he had been speaking in prose all his life, he was very pleased with it. Something similar can happen now whenever you replace prose by gravity. The point is that particle physicists have not dealt with this interaction so far because it is allegedly too weak. On the other hand, my work shows that some of them dealt solely with gravity throughout their scientific lives. And if I were them, I'd be really satisfied with such a turn of events.


It is interesting what role coal plays in the reasoning of many people. If they do not know something, they often think that this can be explained by coal (possibly contained in carbon dioxide). For example, in the nineteenth century physicists thought that the Sun burns coal (nobody even dreamed about nuclear energy) and therefore the Sun will go out in 150 years' time (because they cleverly calculated that this fuel will only last for so many years).

It was horrendous stupidity, but even very wise humans (who, after all, were not lacking at that time either) believed in it. They thought this was a great achievement of science. When, around 1880, a young man named Max Planck came to a university in Germany with the intention of studying physics, the professor there strongly advised him against this, claiming that in physics virtually everything had already been discovered. Fortunately, Planck was stubborn.

Currently, the situation seems to repeat itself. Some physicists maintain that they already know everything, they talk about coal and argue that climate change is caused by carbon dioxide. However, in reality they did not make a full balance of the energy reaching the Earth. In the paper I show that there may be another cause that fits the experimental data better, looks much more interesting from the scientific point of view and is potentially more powerful than nuclear power.


Since I have already mentioned Molière here, let us remain in the theatrical convention. Alternative Gravity Approach... can be regarded as a multi-threaded scientific drama that ends a trilogy that also includes Quantum Nonlocality... and Grand Unification of Nature.... It is addressed mainly to physicists and should enable them to correct existing errors and avoid further ones. 

The spiritual fathers of the works are, respectively, the three great thinkers: Newton (gravity with its charge), Planck (light quanta and probabilities) and Copernicus (man's place in Nature). From a different polemical point of view, the first two correspond to general and special relativity. Unfortunately, Einstein did not write the counterpart of the third, nor did he give any method comparable to info-mechanics of Alternative Gravity Approach...  Its emergence was made possible by the culmination of a fundamental physical attitude, called 'wave-particle duality', initiated by Planck and continued by another great scientist, de Broglie. This powerful and extremely universal method (creating a new branch of quantum physics) completely released information for the first time in history.

The main character of my drama is, of course, AGA, who plays in several disguises. There is also Eve, who is suspected of having once initiated life on our planet. A slightly mysterious and still underage TIM is constantly moving around the stage. An important role is played by a guy who is called Sir. Something is said about the seventh dwarf that supposedly must exist. All the company have GUN and do not hesitate to make use of it. Unfortunately, some Higgs is liquidated.

Alternative Gravity Approach... does not contain, in contrast to Grand Unification of Nature..., any sophisticated proof. Unlike in Quantum Nonlocality..., no specialist quantum optics knowledge is required. Therefore, all persons with a certain maturity in the field of science are welcome to read.

Changing the name

Lodz, Poland, February 2024

Recently it turned out that expanding the acronym AGA as Alternative Gravity Approach was not appropriate. I found a fundamental contradiction in general relativity and described it in the final part of section 15 of the work. It shows conclusively that curved space-time does not exist and we can now be 100% sure that Einstein's theory is false. Therefore, only my view of gravity remains on the battlefield and there is no alternative.

However, the acronym AGA may continue to be used, albeit with a different meaning. It should be understood as Additional Gravitational Amendment. This expansion reflects the fact that my theory makes corrections to Newtonian gravity. When the particle velocities are small compared to the speed of light and the distances between them are large compared to the so-called Planck length (this is a tiny constant), the AGA formulas transform into Newton's formulas.

Without acknowledgements

I wish to state that I wrote all my works entirely by myself, I didn't discuss them with anyone, and I even got by without a student. I also didn't need a physics teacher as I can read scientific papers in this field. Therefore, I am solely responsible for any errors. On the other hand, if now or after my death (when I can't deny) someone starts claiming that they helped me in any way, they will be an imposter. This can be easily checked because they will have gaps in their knowledge that they will not be able to fill.