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Future of Physics

 Zbigniew Andrzej Nowacki


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Lodz, Poland, June 2022

I would like us to reflect on the future of physics. We start like in a western and end like in a crime report. Don't let the cheerful tone of this lecture fool you. That's my way of being, but we're going to be talking about some really serious things.



Lone gunslinger

At the very beginning of our discussion, the problem arises as to whether I   nominally a mathematician and computer scientist   have the right to express my opinion on the subject. Someone may say: "He's never studied physics, after all." This is true, but it looks like I don't need to study this beautiful field of science.

I tried to formulate my first physical theory when I was in elementary school, that is, well before the start of any studies. I remember calling it the 'proton current theory'. After that, I didn't do physics for a long time, but I finally came back and now having GUN with stable protons I shoot everything that moves.


This village was home to a gunfighter nicknamed "The Genius of All Time." Everyone was terribly afraid of him. I asked him if he knew what 'probability calculus' was. He replied that he had never heard of such a thing, and that sealed his fate. Since I abhor violence, I only played cards with him and took the shirt of his back. But back then I didn't know that the worst was still ahead of me.

They don't know I exist

There were many attempts to debunk Einstein's physics. Each time there was a chorus of physicists showing quite rightly indeed that the daredevil had made a number of mistakes. Notice that it is completely different now. Leading physicists pretend that I do not exist because at present I show their many sometimes childish errors.

They have just missed this page, no one has told them that such a website exists. Sometimes, however, they get hit by something because they arrange false experiments or intentionally carry out flawed analyzes to show that I am wrong. Because if they say, for example, that my particle is a Higgs particle, who will do something to them? But after all, Nature cannot be deceived.

Bright further future for physics

I think that if young physicists could decide about it, my papers would have been published a long time ago, and they would be very happy to use my help. After all, who will use the complicated perturbation theory, being able to much more easily achieve much more accurate results with info-mechanics? Who will endlessly search for dark matter and energy, since they are already present in the new physics? Who will continually try to formulate a quantum gravity theory, since I have already given an elegant (only graviton-based) theory of this type, and it is certainly in line with experience? Who will endlessly look for the true Higgs particle, since in the new physics it is completely unnecessary? Who will desperately try to run Feynman quantum computers when my quantum machines have a simpler design and much greater capabilities? Etc., this list may contain even several dozen items.

The answer to the above questions is, "No reasonable one." Therefore, I am calm about the further future of physics. This page has been copied by a lot of people for sure, and my works will not be lost. I have managed to eliminate in them the harmful ideas of Einstein, which may have looked fine in the early twentieth century, but are incompatible with the spirit of modern physics (which is also confirmed by most experts).

The greatest disgrace of Western science

Unfortunately, the immediate future of physics does not look so rosy anymore. I would like to write a few useful works, explain a few extremely difficult problems, but if I have already solved many of them, and no response is heard from the target group, probably only an idiot would write something more on this subject. I am not going to be bored, I'll start writing novels, but for the development of physics it will not be beneficial.

Someone could make a guess: "Maybe they don't speak up because they are ashamed of their mistakes?" This would be the first such case in history. Under the influence of new experiments or theoretical studies, scientists have so far been able to change their position by 180 and laugh at themselves. Can't contemporary physicists do that?

Such a long non-publication of my work will one day be described as the greatest disgrace of Western science. The people responsible for this scandal obviously don't care; they explain it by the need to follow the orders of the chief, i.e., the 'hereditary' Godfather of physics, already mentioned on this website. Nevertheless, they should note that they are dealing with a psychopath.

The Godfather not only forbids publishing my work, but also wants to humiliate me as much as possible. He generates rumors that my work will be published soon, and then something always goes wrong. For example, suddenly it turns out that my paper is practical but it should be theoretical, or vice versa (in fact, my basic work is both practical and theoretical). Don't get caught up in all that. He will repeat it until the death of one of us. 

Psychopath wants to win the Nobel Prize

Why does the Godfather do all this? Well, he's crazy about the Nobel Prize, but he does not have the achievements predestining him to receive it (therefore he is only hereditary). However, since physicists follow his commands without question, he may try anyway. And he even had a big appetite for two such awards, thanks to which he could be proclaimed the new Genius of All Time.

He made his first attempt in this direction in 2019. In September, he persuaded one of the Feynman quantum computers centers to publish a fake on the web that they were already working reliably, and they even calculated something that would take ten thousand years for traditional machines. At the same time, a friendly editorial office received a message about the note. This fake-news soon disappeared, but the editors managed to read it and began spreading it on the Internet, and even some printed newspapers wrote about it. 

The aim of this action was to ensure that after the award was granted, it was possible to say that the Nobel Committee had been so delighted with the announcement that they had had to distinguish people associated with quantum computers. This, of course, would not be a very good indication of the intellectual capacity of the members of this Committee, but after all we would forgive the nice grandpas for that.

In addition, the chief of physicists caused an alleged leak from the Nobel Committee to appear online that in 2019 the prize would be given to a Pole for a certain principle. He thought I would think it was about me and my signal encapsulation principle, and I would be complacent waiting for the award. So I would have felt like being hit with a log splitter if it had been granted to the Godfather together with the co-author of another principle. The latter was a Polish physicist with a surname so precisely selected that it appeared alphabetically after the surname of the Godfather (such things are important to psychopaths). And I would be supposed to get a lesson instead of the award that in Western science knowledge and work are of little importance, what counts above all are connections.

Nevertheless, I have known for a long time that this Committee, composed of my great enemies, will never award me any prize. (Anyway, I wrote my work only for the purpose of doing my habilitation, but even for it Western science did not give me permission.) Because I didn't want my fans to be disappointed, I explained on the web that this was about Feynman quantum computers with which I had nothing to do.

At that moment, something I did not expect happened. There was a reaction from humans who had indeed been working hard for many years to get these machines running, and they had practically been unsuccessful. They were outraged that someone was making such a hoax and yet wanted to receive the Nobel Prize for a principle that they did not need for anything.

Since the Nobel Committee works in the shadow of the King of Sweden, they must try to avoid any scandals, and this could occur in this case. As a result, already in the second half of September 2019, the Godfather knew he should not have expected the Nobel Prize for quantum computers. However, he had, and actually still has, plan B.

They are waiting for my death

The first transmission of superluminal  like radio  signals certainly deserves the Nobel Prize. The Godfather (as a supervisor) has a minimal, if any, share in this experiment. In any case, he is currently on fourth position, while, as you know, this prize may be awarded to no more than three humans at the same time.

The situation will change in the event of my death. Then the Godfather will move to third place, and the Nobel Committee will be able to distinguish him. This is precisely the reason why he has been blocking the publication of my paper on this subject for over fifteen years. (At this point, you may say, "I think he's crazy." Exactly.) And then it will turn out that my work has been confirmed experimentally, but   what bad luck!   I'm already dead. It's an old trick.

However, this psychopath has encountered a problem here that worries him immensely. He is three years older than me, so the probability that I will die sooner is less than 50%. Imagine the torment of this guy; after all, with a bit of luck, he could receive two Nobel Prizes for nothing, and now even one can slip out of his hands. He has necessarily had to do something about it. 

Before I tell you how the Godfather was able to solve this problem, I would like to mention Nikola Tesla, who invented the radio, but the Nobel Prize went to a thief who had stolen his ideas. Here it can be analogous, except that the thief will be replaced by a madman who, like a hyena, is waiting for my death. I, too, am a Slav who dares to make discoveries reserved for the 'gentlemen' of Western science. And, like Tesla, I will probably die before my role is officially confirmed (that's why instead of a Nobel lecture I give this one). 


Let us recall now that the COVID-19 pandemic began in the fall of 2019, the origin of which remains unexplained. As if to order, it was directed mainly against the elderly. In Poland there were exceptionally many deaths, and these viruses were coming out of nowhere, people who had not stayed abroad and had no contact with infected persons fell ill.

At this point, you may notice that the Godfather too might die from this disease. Nonetheless, what if it was he who ordered to throw SARS-CoV-2 viruses at a market in China and elsewhere? (He seems to be in a very good financial situation, so he could pay the performers.) In that case, he had an effective vaccine from the beginning, while I had none. Let us add that this criminal action could have had other goals besides me.

I am still bothered by this coincidence of dates, and I think I should share my insights. Autumn 2019... Determined to do everything, the psychopath does not get his planned Nobel Prize... The COVID-19 pandemic begins... Maybe it is worth checking whether this physicist has any connections with biochemical companies? Maybe it's worth finding his helpers and stamping on them to find out the truth?


Lodz, Poland, October 2022

The recent verdict of the Committee perfectly confirms what I wrote above. These people reacted immediately and threw a lifeline to the friend in trouble. We can see that in our civilization supposedly based on science the psychopath has won.

It all adds up

Lodz, Poland, March 2023

Investigating the causes of the pandemic is difficult, and therefore it is extremely important to determine the perpetrators' motives. I have given them, and they are very strong. It was about money and the Nobel Prize. In order to get it, scientists and the organizations that support them are ready to do and give a great deal; just browse through the list of laureates in physics in this century.

On the other hand, probably the greatest layman must admit that the Chinese had no interest in causing an epidemic on their territory, and that's where it started. There is a slight chance that they did it by accident. But when there is no motive, one must have evidence. If anyone has it, they should provide it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Chinese are entitled to claim that someone is trying to frame them.

I don't work in the police, so I can't have hard evidence. However, the circumstantial evidence is very clear. After my text from June 2022, the chief of physicists realized that my death would not give him anything, unless he wants to become a scientific hyena in front of the whole world. Among other reasons, that's why he ordered to award himself the Nobel Prize for nothing. Furthermore, he hopes that since he is a Nobel Prize winner, no one will prosecute him.

And now the most important: The pandemic (at least its acute form) has died out, as if by magic, although many experts said that it would still continue. Is this an accident again? Or maybe some animals have suddenly retreated without human involvement? Let's not be naive. Nevertheless, we should be careful because this psychopath may want to show again that I am wrong.