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Lost decade

 Zbigniew A. Nowacki

 Lodz, Poland, April 2016

My photoHere I would like to recall that in November 2005 I finished writing Quantum Nonlocality..., and immediately I submitted the result to an international journal. Since after reading the article every professor of physics must know that my theory is true, the work should have been published or at least officially announced in the first quarter of 2006. Thus, we now have 10 years of delay.

It is already certain that if Nature were to act according to currently accepted theories, everything would decay within a few seconds. Therefore, future historians of science will rack their brains about how it was possible that, in a civilization based on science after all, so important discovery was hidden for such a long time. And they will mention, as the best joke, the fact that I wanted to do a habilitation, but instead of the defense I was kicked out of my university because of a too small number of scientific publications.

I think that since science is financed mainly from taxes, all humans should have the possibility to learn about the latest state of knowledge. However, let no one expect that it will happen soon. This is so because the 'hereditary' Godfather of physics promised himself that my work would not be published during his lifetime. And he may still live for about 30 years (which, of course, we wish him sincerely).